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A group of four SOAR365 direct support professionals posing in front of a sparkly backdrop with stars.

The Heart of SOAR365: Celebrating Our DSPs

National DSP Recognition Week Is September 10-16

It’s National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week! This year, from September 10-16, we’re making sure our DSPs feel supported, valued and respected at SOAR365.

Without these special staff members, we wouldn’t be able to offer our essential programs for kids and adults with disabilities. Our trained DSPs work closely with participants in Adult Day Support, Youth Services and Respite. DSPs provide support for each person’s physical, mental and emotional needs. Their assistance helps the day run smoothly, from mealtimes to exercise and everything in between!

Even though they are always there to lend a helping hand, our DSPs encourage each participant to be independent and work toward their unique goals.

And they celebrate each participant for being exactly who they are. Our DSPs provide personalized care, with help of Individualized Support Plans. ISPs focus on each individual’s goals, likes, dislikes, needs and more. Each person on a participant’s care team contributes to the plan, including parents, therapists, doctors and teachers.

Like teachers, our DSPs bring a positive outlook to a rewarding but demanding job. Many of them have been caregivers for family members with disabilities. Others came to the career after watching their parents work in community support roles. But all of them are passionate about the work they do. They make a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities every day, engaging them in fun, educational activities like arts and crafts, music therapy, cooking and more.

DSPs also help our participants learn social and safety skills while exploring the community. Whether learning to budget at the grocery store or learning about careers at the bowling alley, our participants’ world is bigger thanks to our DSPs.

Because of them, each participant feels truly seen and loved. And we want our DSPs to feel the love, too!

That’s why we’re honoring our DSPs as the superheroes they are, with themed prizes, games and lots of delicious food! Even better, we’re recognizing their commitment to learning and professionalism by registering SOAR365 as a Provider Organization with the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals. Each DSP will receive their own NADSP membership certificate.

Thank you to our 51 DSPs and four supervisors who work so hard every day!

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see all the fun events we have planned this week! You can join us in celebrating our wonderful DSPs by leaving a word of thanks or an encouraging comment to make their day.

Interested in becoming a DSP? We’re hiring! Check out current job postings or contact us today to learn more.

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