Employment Services

Employment Services

We proudly offer career exploration, training and job placement services for youth and adults with disabilities.
Age varies by program, from high school to adulthood.
Employment Services
Let’s show the world what you can do!

Children & Youth Program

Leaving school for the “real world” brings both excitement and new challenges for young people with disabilities, including finding your first job!

To help, SOAR365 hosts both virtual and in-person career chats with community members and local businesses.

Our SOARing Forward Curriculum also helps you achieve Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) skills. Career exploration, work-based learning experiences, post-high school education and training programs, social and independent living skills, and self-advocacy lessons all help prepare you for employment.

We’ve also created transition kits with adaptive curriculum materials focused on: life skills, social skills, literacy, money management, banking, restaurant skills, living Independently and job readiness.

Adult Day Support

Looking to learn about your career interest and how to find a job? We can give you a solid start in Adult Day Support.

SOAR365 University now offers an Employment Skills curriculum. To begin, you’ll receive job readiness training, resume writing tips and more!

You can also learn both soft skills (including cooperation, communication, and time management) and skills that are specific to the job you want.

When you’re ready to join the competitive workforce, you’ll be referred to Supported Employment.

Supported Employment

Here, you’ll team up with one of our employment specialists (or “job coaches”). First, they’ll get to know you and find out more about your talents and interests.

Next, you’ll visit local businesses to practice your skills and try out different jobs, finding the right fit.

You’ll also get help completing job applications, writing resumés and preparing for interviews.

Once you land your job, your job coach will help you get started. They’ll be right by your side, providing on-the-job support, until you feel comfortable at work and don’t need them anymore!

What Our Families Are Saying
"Employers need to keep in mind that people with disabilities are people first. Every one of us has our strengths."
-Chris Martin, Director of Employment Services


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