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SOAR365 Adult Day Support Offers Activities, Learning, Friendships and Fun

Adults with disabilities deserve respectful, compassionate care. But at SOAR365’s Adult Day Support program, they receive so much more.

Here, they spend their day socializing with friends, exercising, enjoying the arts, volunteering, learning new things, exploring our community and even building career skills!

Our program’s individualized approach helps each participant progress toward their own educational, social, behavioral, and developmental goals.

Your World Is Bigger With SOAR365

Caregivers appreciate how SOAR365 expands their loved one’s world. Brenda is the aunt of Heather, an Adult Day Support participant. “I just love to hear about all the activities that Heather does at SOAR365,” Brenda says. “It really makes Heather happy to visit different places in the community, shop at the mall, play with sensory toys, have contests and performances, and most of all, sing!”

Outings may include trips to museums, bowling alleys, movie theaters or restaurants, or even volunteering for organizations like Meals on Wheels, the SPCA or the YMCA.

Recently, Adult Day Support at Saunders started their very own Aktion Club! Offered through Kiwanis, this service club for adults with disabilities allows our Adult Day participants to learn leadership skills and engage in even more volunteer efforts in the community.

Strong community partnerships bring even more more special activities to SOAR365, letting participants enjoy creative projects with Art on Wheels or music therapy with Healing Sounds.

SOAR365 University Sets the Foundation

Real-world activities provide both fun adventures and opportunities to practice new skills learned at Adult Day Support. SOAR365 University now provides a high-quality curriculum across all Adult Day Support locations.

Participants interested in developing independent living skills — such as cooking, cleaning, and budgeting — can learn them through Housing and Management tutorials. Those seeking to exercise better personal care, physical fitness and mental health can meet their goals with the help of Health and Safety lessons. If program participants want to express themselves through art or learn to play sports, the Electives curriculum is a perfect choice for them.

SOAR365 University also offers an Employment Skills curriculum focused on exploring career interests and building skills for employment. Here, participants receive job readiness training, resume writing tips and more. They can learn both soft skills (including cooperation, communication, and time management) and skills that are specific to their desired job.

Case Managers & DSPs Make All the Difference

At SOAR365, each Adult Day Support participant receives their very own case manager. The case manager works together with the participant’s caregivers and other important providers (doctors, nurses, educators, therapists and support coordinators) to outline the participant’s unique goals and needs. This plan is known as an Individualized Service Plan, or ISP.

Our direct support professionals use ISPs to really get to know each participant. What do they need help with (medication, feeding, bathroom, mobility)? What do they like or dislike? What calms and comforts them? What are their interests and dreams? SOAR365 DSPs work to make sure each participant is happy, comfortable, engaged and on track to meet their goals.

Providing Progress & Peace of Mind

This personalized approach works. Dre joined Adult Day Support in 2019. Since he’s been at SOAR365, he has become more verbal, and his mother is beyond pleased with his achievements. She says Dre is speaking now more than ever, and she is able to make more sense of his words. “On the flip side, this means he is much better at making his opinion known!” explains Shanna. She laughs and continues: “Dre’s grandmother used to buy him things when he would say the word for it, but now that has had to stop since he is talking all the time!” 

Shanna is experienced in working in the professional support field and has witnessed a range of treatments and care throughout her career. “I know the kinds of places where I wouldn’t want to send Dre, and I didn’t want him in a place where I would worry all day.” She also states, “At SOAR365, I know the support is excellent and the staff is amazing – that puts my mind right at ease.”

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