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SOAR365's wooden Camp Baker sign sits front and center.

Camp Baker Receives Impactful Grant from FCIDD and Chester Civitan Club

The Foundation for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (FCIDD) and the Chester Civitan Club, a longtime partner of SOAR365, have committed a grant of over $71,000 for enhancements to SOAR365’s Camp Baker. 

The funds will have an immediate impact on SOAR365’s Summer Camp at Camp Baker, with several projects already underway to have all improvements completed by the start of summer camp in June 2024. 

Some of the most notable improvements include: 

  • A wheelchair-accessible utility terrain vehicle purchased for enhanced transportation
  • A concrete walkway and pad for wheelchair access by the fire pit 
  • A sensory room built in the overnight residence 

“Through our summer camp and Respite programs, Camp Baker is a special place for SOAR365 and the families it serves year after year,” said SOAR365 President and CEO John Walker. “The Chester Civitan Club’s partnership has been pivotal and this grant alongside the FCIDD will ensure that Camp Baker is a fun, safe and accessible space for many more years to come.” 

“Camp Baker holds a near and dear space in our collective heart for its inclusion of individuals who navigate life differently due to I/DD and we want to ensure they enjoy all nature has to offer,” said FCIDD Executive Officer Lynn Leitch.

Camp Baker is the Chester Civitan Club’s longest lasting service project. Since the club’s founding in the 1960’s, thousands of volunteer hours have been spent at Camp Baker, including the completion of a large portion of the maintenance projects at the camp. 

Chester Civitan has also raised additional funds and donated to Camp Baker generously throughout the decades, with the funds going to things as crucial as camper scholarships for families who needed that extra teamwork from SOAR365 to attend. 

“It’s our responsibility to give back some of what we’ve been given,” stated Matt Johnson, President of the Chester Civitan Club. “We have chosen to support SOAR365’s Camp Baker because what the camp provides lines up perfectly with our club’s mission to help people with developmental disabilities.” 

Prior to this newest contribution, the FCIDD has contributed $189,000 since 2001 to Camp Baker and PARK365 (formerly ARCPark). 

FCIDD accepts grant requests in partnership with FCIDD Participating Clubs ( for more details) of 501 c3 organizations supporting children/adults who are intellectually and/or developmentally disabled. Research is funded solely through annual gifts to the Civitan International Research Center (CIRC) in Birmingham, Alabama. 


SOAR365 is a Richmond-based not-for-profit organization created in 1954 by local families determined to find a better way to care for and support their loves ones with disabilities. We employ more than 300 people, including over 100 who have a disability.   

Our wide range of programs and services are designed for individuals and families coping with the daily, real-world challenges of living with a disability. We have a profound impact on more than 1,700 individuals and families who receive our help in a typical year. Our offerings include Pediatric Therapy, Youth Services, Adult Day Support, Respite, Summer Camp and Employment Services programs. In addition, our Business Solutions division performs a variety of services from janitorial and custodial to landscaping and grounds maintenance. 

For more information, please visit and our social media channels. 

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