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Creating a Legacy of Generosity and Service

The seed was planted many years ago.

Susie and Bob Salsitz have supported SOAR365 for close to 20 years and have shown deep commitment by including the organization in their estate plans. Living a life of service and generosity was modeled for them through several key relationships over the years.

Bob and Susie met at Marshall University in West Virginia. Bob’s career in the metal recycling business landed them in five different communities over the years, including Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and finally, Richmond.

At one point while waiting for construction to be completed on their new home, Bob’s business colleague and his wife, who are now dear friends of the Salsitzes, allowed Susie and Bob to live in their home for three months. “Their graciousness rubbed off on us,” Bob says.

And the seed began to sprout.

Bob’s legacy giving is inspired by his desire to make a difference; “to do something important,” even beyond his lifetime. Susie’s heart for and openness toward others has been formed by special people in her life, including her grandfather and her childhood friend, Beth.

When she was five years old, Susie’s grandfather came to live with her family after her grandmother passed away. He had a significant role in caring for Susie and her brother. He was kind and generous, read to them constantly, and was always there for them. He was her anchor.

Susie’s friend, Beth, had three children, two of whom were born with severe disabilities. Her friendship with Beth and her relationship with Beth’s children inspired her support of SOAR365 as well as other organizations serving those with disabilities.

While living in Pittsburgh, Susie volunteered as a sighted guide with the Greater Pittsburgh Guild for the Blind, helping visually impaired individuals learn how to navigate and become self-sufficient in various life skills such as using public transportation and going to the grocery store.

In Cincinnati, she was a puppeteer for Kids on the Block through the Junior League. She served as a “hugger” in the NICU at Children’s Hospital and read weekly for Radio Reading Services which involved reading the newspaper – including advertisements and coupons – for those who were visually impaired.

Out of her desire to come alongside those with disabilities who may feel alone or without resources and support, Susie says “she will give to SOAR forever.” “People with disabilities and their parents must have help – a place that they can turn to,” she says.

Susie and Bob sum up their belief in helping others with a quote found framed and hanging in their home by John Wesley who famously said, “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

This firm belief powerfully translates into action through their commitment and generosity to SOAR365 and the legacy they create for future generations through a gift in their will.

For planned giving opportunities, please contact Dana Wilson at (804) 665-1213 or [email protected].

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